Lifou Flower.
Lifou Flower.

We were in the office from 8am til 7pm today then dinner with the team til now (10pm) so I apologise, these are from the archives.

You know I love macro and I also love flowers, so I really enjoy getting up close with my 60mm macro lens and seeing how it performs hand-held at such close range so I am showing you some of my favourite flower shots.

When I get time, I’m going to try some tripod macro shots, getting much closer. Since I’m travelling, I don’t have the technical information about these photos with me but I can tell you that they were taken with my 60mm macro Olympus lens on my OMD EM5. I would have used a wide open aperture (f/2.8). In terms of editing, just brightening and contrast. The only exception is the photo of the pale pink lily – I took this about 7 years ago on my first digital camera (a Canon IXUS).

I hope you enjoy these photos, and pleases visit Lucile’s blog to see all of the other submissions to the photo101 rehab clinic and to show us some of your own photos as well.

x desleyjane

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