High Contrast Flowers.

I found some very cool plants on my recent travels. My header image is shown in colour in the gallery below – it’s a very cool dark dark purple colour. It’s an amazing succulent, but I couldn’t find anyone to tell me what it is.

The header image, I was trying some new editing. I converted to black and white and really upped the contrast and clarity and whites – I really wanted to show them as dark and gritty and sharp.

In the spot where we photographed the koalas, I found the same plant, but green, so I’ve included some shots of those in the gallery as well.

I add these photos to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – come on over to enjoy some cool photos and share yours as well.

If anyone knows what plants they are, please let me know, they will make a great addition to my rock garden!

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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13 replies on “Who Am I ??

  1. Have you been to another planet? These are intergalactic flowers, may be cyborgs. Wow, and what effect you created. I love what you did.
    Perfect composition, framing, boukeh, contrast…everything. Amazing. Kudos, ma frienda.

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        1. Sorry, was at intermission at Wicked when I responded earlier.
          I wish I’d made them in a lab, they are so cool. And then to find the green ones! And then I noticed a black one in my garden yesterday. Perhaps aliens or cyborgs, as you say! Xx


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