Ah Lucy, how I loved you.

You were my constant companion and shining light. Our time together was painfully short, but we hit it off instantly and became firm friends. I remember how you were so excited when we went to the beach, you couldn’t wait to call your mum and tell her about your glorious adventure. Your eye was always so wide with wonder and excitement and you were constantly chatting with people.

I remember the evenings best. You always liked a drink and could often be found at the bar, chatting up the boys and there was always a glass of wine or a beer nearby. And then there were our late breakfasts together, I was always in sunglasses, and we always had coffee together.

Our time together started to change when we returned to Melbourne, I didn’t see you very often, you became distant. We had that one night at that cocktail bar but after that…. Where are you Lucy? I looked for you at the airport, but I fear you are lost to me. Lost forever…..

I was devastated, I searched and searched for you, I asked my friends if they’d seen you, I upended everything, but alas, you were not to be found. Clearly, we are not meant to be together any longer.

Goodbye Lucy…..
Don’t worry about me, I will return to Target to replace you……


Our task for Writing101 today was to write about Loss, any type of loss. I travel a lot for work and took up photography a few years ago as a way to decompress from work in the evenings. I take my camera with me wherever I go and I try to get away for an hour or two in each city to explore and take some photos. In February, I decided to add Lucy to my camera gear, with the idea of taking photos of Lucy in various locations and sharing them with family and friends on Facebook while I was away. For our first (and last) trip, I took her to Lorne & Melbourne on a two-week work thing and had a great time posing her for various shots. I was at a conference and everyone was keen to get in on the act. Lucy was quite the floozy, having lots of drinks and partying hard. Somehow, she went missing on my return trip. I thought it would make a lighter-hearted post to write about this, I hope you enjoyed it.

x desleyjane




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78 replies on “Lucy? Are you out there?

  1. That was a cute twist! I was reading and going “oh this is so sad, what happened to Lucy” then I got to the Target bit and the pictures and laughed out so loud, I got weird looks from my coworkers. Thanks for taking a light-hearted approach for this! 😀

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    1. Thanks TK!! I was hoping it would work like that, wasn’t sure if the pictures were down far enough or if they would give the game away. Thanks, you made my day! X


  2. Loved the twist, DJ. Today’s prompt is generating a tsunami of tears at the commons.
    Very smart and fun post. And yes, I remember Lucy and missed her. Maybe she’s already in Amsterdam waiting for you. I’m going to look for her at the coffee shops! Maybe she’s having a space cake. Lol

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  3. Until I scrolled down I thought you were actually talking about a real person.. Hahaha I feel so stupid right now 😛 These pictures are so perfecttt ❤ Lucy looks so adorable in them 🙂
    P.S. Can you please tell me what camera do you use? I'm envying you -_-

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      1. That’s the performance of the iPhone 6 camera?? I’m not an Apple fan but oh God I so wanna buy one now!
        And woah that’s one cool camera to have (y) I’ve read so many great reviews about it. I love photography but I never had quite enough money to buy a DSLR 😦 That’s why nowadays I’m researching on the best in the market. Can you suggest me a one that’s more in the affordable range for a grad student? 😛

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      1. hehehe. it would be a good motivation to get me out shooting -maybe also literally- them again. ohhh I’ve seen those girl scientist legos! would be awesome as the hostess for your experiments 😉

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  4. Great twist, Desley! I was concerned you had lost a pet at first, then realized at “call your mum” that that wasn’t the case, and became even sadder. Joke’s on me/us 😀 Poor Lucy. I think, though, based on those pictures, she led a good life 😉

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          1. I’ll bet; I have too! I almost didn’t want to write my post about Oreo, but I had it as a blog I wanted to share. It was good to write it and then use the second and third parts as backstory to his good life! I hope we can hear more about Lucy 😉

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  5. You’re not only a great writer but an amazing photographer too! I loved these photos and reading this post just made me laugh and it really brightened up my day. Looks like you two had some great adventures! Also, that pink cupcake with the sprinkles (it is a cupcake, right?) looks scrumptious!

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  6. What a great story, and beautiful picts 🙂 The last sentence is just hilarious, as we say in France “le roi est mort, vive le roi!” (the King is dead, long live the King )

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