Here is my post for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons event. This is a very cool event where we are tasked with going back to the same location each month and taking photographs there to see the changes that occur from season to season. I have only done this every second month, I have to admit! I’ve put links to my previous months at the end of this post.

My location is Southbank in Brisbane, which is one of the most popular recreational areas in our city. There are numerous cafes, large strips of grass to sit and relax, lots of wide footpaths were you can stroll, jog, run, walk the dog, push your stroller – there are even man-made beaches there!

This month, I stayed on the south side so I didn’t make it to the art gallery or science museum. Consequently, I don’t have any pictures of my upturned elephant this month, or any from the gallery, but I will go back there in the next few weeks.

I’ve also included just two shots of the Brisbane Wheel just to let you know that it’s all back together again – last time it was being repaired and I used the shot for the weekly photo challenge – Broken.

Being in Brisbane, we don’t have the extreme changes in seasons that other places have – our winter temperatures are quite mild, although this is quite a cold winter this year. We had snow this week in places that have not seen snow in over 30 years. We usually don’t get below 6 or 7 degrees Celsius in Brisbane and usually only for a few days and only for a couple of hours very early in the morning. This year however, we have had sustained 4 or 5 degrees temperature overnight for more than a week! I am actually really enjoying this weather – it makes you seek out the sunshine, and we still have plenty of that!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to one of my favourite parts of this beautiful city. My previous posts are here:

January     /     March     /     May

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42 replies on “Beautiful Brisbane – July 2015

  1. Beautiful selection of photos! I love the colours in the final evening shot. It’s a great idea to return to locations to witness the change of the seasons, going to take a peek at the other months!

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  2. I love how you’re never lazy to shoot those fantastic pictures. Everytime I see one of your posts I lean back and I know I’ll have food for my imagination on your blog. Thank you for this ❤️

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  3. Brisbane is lovely!! I so enjoyed seeing your amazing pics and especially like the Ferris wheel ones! I’m sorry the weather has been colder this winter…I am sending you warm wishes from NYC!

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  4. I love this gallery. You’ve captured many different views of the area along with the light and colours. I must admit to loving the wheel from the front on view in monochrome – it’s superb!

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  5. Ah, so nice to see The Wheel put back together again. You got some great shots of it, too. 🙂 Really, all these photos are beautifully composed. You have such a talent for capturing your city in such a lovely light.

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  6. Desley, what wonderful images of Brisbane! Each and every one held something special, but Building Aglow and Sunset (I think that’s what they are titled) and the gorgeous sky behind the Brisbane Wheel just made me say wow. Your black and white shots are equally stunning. Thanks for a lovely photo tour 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Stacy. This challenge has really been wonderful, helping me to fully appreciate my city, making me brave to shoot people (those are coming up) and going out shooting is such a calming experience.
      The wheel is my favourite. I only showed the two images because I’ve made a post dedicated to just the wheel. I think it’s scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks again.

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  7. Another fabulous selection of photos. It is such a beautiful city and you make it even more impressive with your stunning photos. This mix of monochrome and colors is great. And the monochromes are superior, as always. I keep learning a lot from you, master! My respect.

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  8. A great collection of pictures, Desley. I particularly like ‘Skyscraper and City Cat’ – such gorgeous colours. The shot ‘Follow the Path’ is also quite fascinating with the zig-zagging lines. 🙂


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