I can tell you right now that my Dad would be horrified that these were planted in the botanical gardens. Lantana is a nasty weed on sugar cane farms. I still love the delicate little flower heads and the wonderful colours.

Shot at the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

Olympus OMD EM5, 60m macro.

x desleyjane


PS – has anyone seen the movie Lantana??

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9 replies on “Macro Garden Series – 21

  1. Saw the movie – I’m a fan of LaPaglia. I planted lantana In my Broken Hill garden – or at least had it planted. It’s probably a good metaphor for the tangled torturous relationships in the movie. It’s such a pity that the attractive flowers are attached to a pest! Your photos capture their prettiness.

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  2. We have lantana here in sunny Florida. They sell it at nurseries because it is heat tolerant and down here, we need all the heat tolerant plants we can find. I say this as it is almost a monsoon outside and there is no way I am going to my car to drive to work in this horrid weather!

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    1. I must watch it one day. Have been off sick and tried to find it on Netflix and foxtel but no luck. Not even iTunes! Yes it’s quite a diabolical little plant but I’ve always loved it. Even when it was in the cane paddocks. Don’t tell my dad! 😉😉

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