You know me, I love a good over-exposed shot. I love the blown out highlights, with just the right amount of contrast and clarity brought back in to make for an interesting (I hope) shot.

First, this shot of some costume jewellery.

Love is all around you

And, I have a soft spot for this shot. I love the muted colours that seem to pop a little against that blow out pure white background.

Flowers in white, on white.
Perhaps a little too blown out this one, but there’s something about it that I really like. It would make a good background for text or on a screen.

x desleyjane

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16 replies on “I’m Feeling Exposed

  1. No trade secrets this time? I love both these delicate shots and I’d like to play around a bit if only I knew how. It would challenge my Scorpio tendencies to the lurid. (By the way I saw a scorpion today that grows to 22cm!!!!)

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