My friend suggested we go to a Peony Festival – how could I say no to that?! I do love peonies and it was a gorgeous day, so off we went at about 8:30 this morning.

It was about an hour and twenty minutes drive to the estate and we started with a little stroll through the peony garden.

We spent quite some time with these beauties before making our way into the estate gardens. I should say that these are all shots taken with my iPhone. I wanted to get a few shots that I could post to Facebook but I did take my camera and got a heap of shots that I’ll share over the coming week.

We circled around to the main festival area where they had a few booths set up and a large marquee with tables and chairs, and peonies in vases of course. We had a couple of Pimms Cocktails and a snack, listening to the music and watching the kids playing with bubbles, and chatting and catching up on life in general.


Such a lovely day. I made my way home at about 2 in the afternoon, suitably sunned and very relaxed. I should sleep well tonight 😊

That Pimms cocktail shot above (the line of four cocktails) was picked up by the site’s Instagram account and they asked me if they could use it in promotional material – yay!

As I said, more shots to come once I’ve edited the camera ones.

Happy Sunday lovelies.

x desleyjane

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