Sydney bound.

I started this post yesterday when I was leaving for Sydney. I have a habit of leaving quite late if I travel on a Sunday. I usually drop my puppy, Gidget, at my parents’ house and have lunch with them before I go. I arrived at the airport at about 1:40pm for my 2:25pm flight and I have luggage to check in. It was a little tight but I had booked valet parking online so I was pretty confident. I don’t often valet the car but it really needs a bath and for $55, they do a great job cleaning the car inside and out and as a bonus, it’s a short walk to the terminal from the drop off point.

So the luggage – I bought a set of pink Guess luggage 9 years ago: large, medium and small. I’ve used the small for carryon for a very long time, although recently I’ve switched to a Samsonite spinner. The large pink Guess is long gone – over 100 flights with that suitcase, so it did well. I’ve always kept the medium one for “road trips” so that I can try to keep it clean. However, I really don’t do a lot of road trips and when I do, I usually need a bunch of stuff and the medium is too small. Anyway, I’ve brought it with me this time, here’s a pic.


Now I know it’s super-pink and cute and you might not take me seriously ☺️ but it’s a pretty functional setup. The laptop fits in the handbag. I’ve had that Coach bag since 2010 and I love it. It’s actually a baby bag, which I didn’t realise when I bought it, but it has a bunch of pockets and holds a lot of stuff. I’ll have a separate post for what I carry with me. This time, I’ve put the laptop in my suitcase (I know, that’s a no no, but it’s a short trip and I’ve got it in a hard case). I plan to buy a wheelie laptop bag that can fit over the handle of my larger suitcase.

Having arrived in Sydney, I admit that I miss my spinner, it’s so much lighter to move instead of dragging a suitcase.

We did dinner and a movie last night. Finally saw Gone Girl. Short restaurant review to follow later.

x desleyjane


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