It’s been a good trip to Sydney. Some traffic issues at times (me taking wrong turns) and some violent weather (I’m from Qld, so no worries there) but I got to catch up with some of my all-time favourite people and I had a very productive and pleasant 4 days of work.

I’m sitting on the plane, preparing for the flight home. I always fly Qantas, I’m a Platinum Frequent Flyer. I’ve just returned from the UK last month and managed to upgrade 3 of the 4 flights on the trip. I swore when I got back that I will NEVER upgrade domestic flights again so that I can save my points for international flights but tonight, it’s 9pm and I’m exhausted. The flight is full to the brim and there was an upgrade seat available. So, 10,000 points later, I’m in business class, waiting for my pre-flight beverage.

I’m in such a late flight because it was the cheapest ticket this evening but actually I managed to get a lot done in the office once everyone else had gone home.

Anyway, just a quick post tonight, we’re about to take off and I’m planning on enjoying this flight.

x desleyjane

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