12:15am finally go to bed after a late night photography session

4:55am alarm…stupid alarm

5:04am snooze 1 ends, second stupid alarm

5:10am give up, get up

6:05am leave for airport, realise I need fuel, get fuel

6:40am arrive at airport

7:00am relax in Qantas lounge with coffee and yoghurt, catch up on blogs, FaceBook, Twitter and emails

7:40am board flight

So much time passes you by when you travel.  The flight to Melbourne is just 2.5 hours and my first appointment is at 1:30pm but I have to be up at 5am to make that happen.  Six and a half hours to get from my house to my first customer visit of the day.  It’s a long process.

At least the airport experience is quite good these days.  I checked my bag in – it was small enough to carry on, but my shoulder is strained and I wasn’t in the mood to life it, plus it was 12kg which is a bit much for the overhead.  So, with just a handbag (check my List of what I carry) it was a breeze to get through security – Platinum lane 🙂 – even though I was spot-checked for explosives.  Again.

I love having Qantas lounge access, it really makes the airport experience easy and pleasant – free wifi, barista coffee, breakfast, news, pretty much everything you need.

The flight is quite full and I’m writing this post in the air (although I couldn’t upload it even when I landed, something funky with the app). It’s a 737-800 plane (3+3 configuration) with personal entertainment screens in each seat and the entertainment has been recently refreshed so there’s a fairly good selection today.  Plus a new Qantas magazine, so that will keep me occupied for a while.  I snapped my header image on my iPhone 6 as we were ascending and edited it within the Apple Photos app.  I started watching “The Trip to Italy” but was too tired to finish – I’ll save it for my flight home.

Until later,

x desleyjane.

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photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

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