This post represents my response to today’s Blogging101 brief – “Be Inspired by the Neighbours”. We had to expand on a comment that we made on someone’s blog yesterday. This has been a fun experience so far, lots of new blogs to read and new bloggers to meet.

I was just reading back through the comments that I have made over the last couple of days and discovered that twice I said “life gets in the way”, and have had similar wistful moments in other comments. The first time was on Andy’s post. By the way, please take a look at Andy’s work if you haven’t already, he has such a unique way of viewing the world, but also a unique way of describing what he sees and photographs. I’m happy to be diving in to Andy’s world every day. Andy always posts some prose (is it ok if I call it prose Andy?) with his photographs and manages to make it fit perfectly.

Andy tells us that he is going to experiment with more writing soon and I’m looking forward to that because it’s something that I want to start up again too. When I was younger, (much younger) I wanted to be an author, I wrote so many stories and I loved escaping into other worlds. But “life gets in the way”. I also wanted to teach, so I took the practical route instead. Of course, I’m not a teacher now in the traditional sense, but I do teach other scientists how to use robots, so it’s close, right?!?

Yesterday, the lovely Seeking Samantha very kindly called out two blogs that appealed to her and one of them was mine! The other was another blog, called A Beautiful Disaster, where Asewalson told us about a high school test which proclaimed (twice) that she was best suited to being a Judge! She rebelled against the system 🙂  In my comment to her, I told the story of how I wanted to be an author but “life gets in the way”.

The other place where this came up was Nat’s fun blog at Science, Books and Silly Things. We discussed how important reading is and how I want to read more but don’t have time, because “life gets in the way”. However, Nat’s right “Life would be sad without books” – don’t you agree?

It’s tricky, isn’t it? There are so many things that demand our time – family, work, study, pets, commuting, bills, blogs 😉 social media, TV, many other things. It’s important to take a beat every now and again and consider what we really want to do and be. I want to let my creative side take over and interact with the world, see everything and try new things.

Ok. Deep breath. Let’s all dive in 🙂

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31 replies on “Life Gets in the Way

  1. Agree, life does get in the way, but you know how sometimes it seems that things go the wrong way, you have to adapt and adjust, only to realise in the end that they worked out even better than you were imagining? What would’ve happened if something didn’t happen.. nobody knows. But I wouldn’t change any negative experience or interference I had, because, who knows, I wouldn’t have had what I have now.


    1. Yes! You are absolutely right. I chose a job that, to be fair, I loved for many years but it became so soul-sucking in the end. However, in those last two years I met someone through work, who will be a best friend for life, so I don’t begrudge to for an instant! Who knows what’s around the corner 😉

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  2. Desley, this post is written beautifully. Thank you. Your words are touching and crossed every corner of my latest thoughts. This apparently trivial phrase – “Life gets in the way” is a harsh reminder of the need to live with purpose and to follow our passions.
    I’m happy to see you following yours, and in turn being grateful for the opportunity and privilege to appreciate the beauty of your thoughts and photos.
    PS 1: Did I miss you saying you made this one with our common Olympus friend? Awesome.
    PS 2: Autocorrector insists you are Wesley…LOL We settled for Desley…no worries.

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    1. You said that so well – live your life with purpose. I absolutely agree. Thank you for your kind words, as usual I appreciate them very much.
      The cloud picture was taken with my iPhone6, it’s from one of my last trips last year. I haven’t been away again yet!
      You’ve reminded me, I need to add some details on technique to be rehab post and link it!


    2. Oh I forgot to say – Wesley!! That’s funny. Americans always pronounce my name like Wesley (Dess-lee). It’s actually pronounced Dez-lee. I had to spell it like that for Siri to get it right 😃😃😃


          1. After the last ios update my siri is bi-polar. Seriously. I fired her and she comes back. The phone function freezes the whole time. I can use any function except for calling…handy, isn’t it? I thought calling was its primary objective… It’s not anymore a smartphone. Lol

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  3. Lovely post. Yes, “Life gets in the way,” and it can be frustrating at times because you feel as if you’ve gotten lost in the tides of life. It’s in those moments where I have to be still and know that there is a greater plan at work and it is well.

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  4. I am very touched by your reference to me in this moving post, thank you…yes life gets in the way but what I have also learned is that we so often get in the way of life, sometimes we need to just let life happen, good or bad…just flow and see…very happy to have met you here!

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