My brother and I used to sit on the back steps to have our “smoko” (morning tea) when we were little. We’d sit side-by-side, swinging our legs back and forth under the steps and have our little cup of tea in Winter, or green cordial in Summer, and a little sandwich and a biscuit. It would have been corned beef or Vegemite sandwiches and mum’s homemade Anzac or cornflake biscuits or maybe a Jam Drop.

We thought we were super-cool when probably mum just wanted us to make a mess outside so it was easier to clean up – note that she would be horrified if she knew that I was sharing photos with a dishwashing sponge on the floor!!

Some days, we would sit on the little tank at the bottom of the stairs instead. There was a little kookaburra that kind of grew up with us, and he would visit at smoko time and we’d share our crusts with him.

Notice that I’m supporting my little brother’s back in both photos so that he doesn’t tip backwards down the stairs? What a marvellous sister I must have been LOL.



For today’s Writing101 Prompt: Tell us something about your favourite childhood meall – the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration”, or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory. For a Twist: Tell the story in your own voice. I think my stories are always in my own voice, so..check!

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46 replies on “Smoko on the Steps

  1. Beautiful memories of your past! The photo is great, dishwashing sponge and all! I do like how you are indeed supporting your little brother’s back…
    Your description of the scene is very vivid. I’ve never eaten a Vegemite sandwich nor an Anzac biscuit nor seen a kookaburra but I feel as if I have, thanks to your words: )
    Happy Friday and happy weekend!


  2. What wonderful memories – at times I think we grew up together as I thought it was only MY house that had cold corned beef or vegemite sandwiches, with home-made cookies and always, ALWAYS a cup of tea, lol! πŸ™‚

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