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  1. I am not keen on spiders, but since getting the macro lens I have been fascinated by all small things, I almost got a shot like this last week, but mine was far too blurred to keep. Never mind, I shall keep trying until I reach your standard.


    1. I’m the same. Scared of spiders actually but fascinated with getting them “on film”. A steady hand (or a tripod) is a must. It’s sometimes hard to use a tripod though depending on where the web is…


      1. Yes, I need to use a tripod. I have found it difficult to focus sometimes hand-held. The focal point just goes bonkers! Tell me, does your macro lens ever freeze after a shot? Mine has done several times and I have to switch the camera off and on again. I’m not sure if this is ‘normal’ or I have a dodgy lens.


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