She could hear the voices but couldn’t tell where they were coming from. She tried to listen but the pounding of the blood in her head and the slapping of her bare feet in the puddles on the floor where overwhelming her senses. She debated with herself for a few seconds before deciding to stop and listen, figure out what was going on.

She fought to control her breathing and steady herself so that she could hear the voices. The echoing was insane! It seemed as if there were voices behind her, voices ahead of her, how could that be? It must be the curvature of the walls bouncing the sound back maybe.

She didn’t have time to think about it, she had to keep going. She took a few deep breaths to steady herself before resuming her run through the tunnel. She sensed they were located somewhere out of town, so she would probably have difficulty finding anyone nearby. They were close behind her, she could hear at least two of them. She felt both a sense of dread and a surge of adrenaline. She was wary of being too optimistic but she was desperate to leave here. And now.

The darkness seemed to grow blacker ahead of her. The lights were missing or weren’t working so it was almost impossible to see what was more than a few metres ahead of her. She was worried. What if this was a dead end?!!

Suddenly, she saw that her path was blocked. Solidly. A door! Oh my god, of course there would be door, she thought. What did you think, you could just stroll out and go grab a coffee?? Her heart sank. She had left the keys behind at the last door. She slowed her run but still slammed into the door with some force. As she drew herself back, she started to cry again and began pounding on the door with her fists.

For Andy’s Dark Side Thursday. You can read the story so far here, and then here.

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