Cover Makeover is the our themed feature of the Photo Rehab Clinic, created by me and Lucile from Bridging Lacunas.

Every week we give a new prompt, and our participants go to town, using all their creativity, and producing fabulous covers often better than the originals.

Welcome to last week’s Wrap Up and to the new challenge.

Last week, Lucile took the advice of Badfish Out of Water and gave us the challenge of the movie poster for The Long Kiss Goodnight, starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. I loved this movie but haven’t seen it in years, so I’ve put it back on my list of movies to watch soon! Here is the original cover and Lucile’s very creative cover:

Our talented group of designers came up with these marvellous covers below. If I have missed you out, I sincerely apologise. I took these which were tagged with #photorehabcovermakeover or had a pingback to Lucile’s original post.

From Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist, we have a cover with wonderful elements reflecting the film. I love the lipstick marks, I wonder if they are Julz’s own 🙂



From Geert at Witch With a View, a fabulous cover. How cool is the airplane reflection in her glasses. And lovely lipstick again!

Geert - the-long-kiss-goodnight


From Sabina and Toby at Library of Cats, such a romantic cover with a deep insight into the film’s themes. This one is surreal and beautiful. Love it.

Library of Cats - long-kiss-goodnight


I’m adding another entry here – it seems that WordPress has lost a post and if anyone else’s has been lost as well I apologise, I’m looking into it with the engineers.

We have this lovely cover from FirstNightDesign – a minimalist approach very much after my own heart – i love clean white backgrounds and I’m really liking this drawing effect here:

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 18—The Long Kiss Goodnight
#photorehabcovermakeover Week 18—The Long Kiss Goodnight

I am loving these designs, so creative. Everyone is so good at layering images and objects within their designs, it’s making me realise that I really need to up my game.


This week, Sabina (entry above) has suggested that we do a novel from Agatha Christie or Ayn Rand. I do enjoy Agatha Christie and thought I would have some photos that would work for one of her novels. However, I must admit that while I have heard of Ayn Rand, I didn’t know much about her – when I took a look I saw that her covers are minimalistic and stunning – see them here.

I have chosen Ayn Rand’s The Romantic Manifesto and here is the cover and full synopsis, both taken from the website linked here:


In this collection, Ayn Rand explains the indispensable function of art in man’s life, the source of man’s deeply personal, emotional response to art, and how an artist’s fundamental, often unstated view of man and of the world shapes his creations. In a chapter that includes an extended discussion of music, Rand explores the valid forms of art.

Rand also presents her distinctive theory of literature and sheds new light on Romanticism, under which category Rand classified her own work. Later essays explain how contemporary art reveals the debased intellectual and esthetic state of our culture.

In the final essay, Rand articulates the goal of her own fiction writing and upholds the value of art that depicts men “as they might be and ought to be.” Chapter 12 is a short story Rand wrote in 1940, illustrating how an artist’s “sense of life” directs his subconscious and shapes his creative imagination.


I’ve really set myself up for a challenge this week. I chose this one because it seems more difficult but also because I think it gives us an opportunity to be really creative – it’s a novel about art and the impact of art on the world and the people in it.

I wanted to use something that I think is artistic and for me the pencil represents this in a number of ways – at its most basic level, it is a tool for an artist – used to create sketches and drawings. Also this image for me is a piece of artwork – I am in the process of getting it printed for my wall, just deciding between canvas or printing directly onto glass. Finally, I get an almost sensual feel from this image of the pencil – it really appeals to me and I think that’s a good sign since art should make you feel something.

As well as the pencil, I also used an image that I’d taken of the light from a pink bulb – an abstract, overexposed photo that I really liked and I had been wondering what to do with it. I then opened the two photos in the iPhone app Pixlr and created a double exposure. I then added a soft border and the two sets of texts. I wanted to keep it simple, minimal, romantic, artistic and true to the original.

Here is my cover, I do hope you like it!



Ok, so there’s your challenge, what will you do? Here are the instructions:

  • Every Thursday we will give you the name of a book, music or movie, etc. and share with you our take on a new cover.
  • You will prepare you own cover by using your archive photos or shooting a new one to go with the theme.
  • Prepare your post and publish it. Remember to Ping Back (hyperlink) to this post. You may also copy your link to the comments section of this post.
    Use the tag #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover, so that we can find your post in the WP reader.
  • Add your photo to the link provided below. In this way, you expose your photo to the other participants and the audience of the Photo Rehab.
    If you wish, you can add to your post the badge we made for the challenge (below).
  • We will make a weekly wrap up of all the ingenious cover makeovers photos!
  • Every Thursday at 12:15 am CET you will find here the combined post. Immediately after that, every Thursday at 12:30 am CET, you will see the post with our version of the cover, which either Lucile or I will create. (Please Note that for the meantime, a single post will appear on either mine or Lucile’s blog at 12:15am CET).

I love this cool little challenge!!
Happy Makeovering!
x Desley & Lucile.


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38 replies on “PhotoRehab Wrap Up #18 and New Challenge #19

  1. Wow, Desley, I am just in awe of everyone’s skills!! Clearly, I really have to get moving on my Photoshop Artistry course or learn how to use some phone apps!! Your Ann Rynd cover is FABULOUS – I can absolutely picture this on a wall (and am intrigued by the idea of it being “on glass”). Well done!

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    1. Thanks so much Stacy! I had a print done on aluminium last year for my patio area and one of the other options I had considered was glass – it looks amazing in the pictures, very shiny and I think the pencil might do well that way. I will wait till I move! I’m going to do a Photoshop course when I go to Melbourne – they have some face-to-face classes so I’m excited to do that! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Ok I just checked it all again and it seems you have tagged correctly but it didn’t show up under the tag in the Reader – I have it set up to follow all posts with that hashtag. I will check with WordPress to see what happened. I am very sorry for this.

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  2. Reblogged this on lucile de godoy and commented:

    This is last week’s Cover Makeover, which was hosted by my partner in crime @desleyjane.

    We have been blogging only scheduled posts for both of us being overcome with many things related to our jobs, as well as because of a course that I am following in France.
    We deeply regret but we cannot do this week’s wrap up and propose a new challenge.
    We took a break till the end of the month and will resume activities in December.
    For those who haven’t done yet, you can still use this prompt, and we will wrap up everyone’s entries when we return with a new challenge.
    Apologies and thanks for your understanding.
    Lucile & Desley

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