Welcome to week 8 of Contemplation, where I share a prompt and my response from my Kikki.K A Sentence A Day Journal. This is a three year journal which allows me to look back at my responses on the same day each year. I can’t wait for the first year to be up so that I can see how things have changed.

I invite you to also share your response and link back to this post so that we can all read your response from the comments section.

This week’s prompt: Who do you want to talk to right now?

This is a really tough one. When I think of people who aren’t with us anymore, who have passed on, it would be comforting and also very interesting to talk to them. My grandmother, for instance. I was in my late teens when she died and while I consider that we were close, we didn’t have an adult relationship – I never spoke to her about life and the universe, if you understand what I mean. I would love to have a conversation with her about her life and how she saw things changing throughout her years.

Of course, if it meant being in the same room, I’d have to say Ryan Reynolds πŸ˜›

But, it will probably come as no surprise to you to find out that I always want to talk to Mum. I could call her almost any time of the day and have a chat – she’s probably tired of hearing from me. She knows me, all of me. We’ve always been extremely close and I do feel like I can talk to her about anything. I often give her a call on my way to or from the dog park – just a quick chat to check in and see how everything is going, to have a whinge about something, or to share something fun or happy that’s happened recently.

So yes, Ryan Reynolds or my Mum – those are my ultimate picks πŸ˜‰

How about you? Who would you like to talk to right now.

Here is what my fellow Contemplators came up with:

Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist

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19 replies on “Contemplation – Talk

  1. I hate to tell you, but I had to google Ryan Reynolds, and I think I’ll pass on talking to him! I’d love a chance to talk to my mother though – since she died so many things have happened in my life that she would’ve relished. And more immediately I’d love a coffee shop yarn at Blue Earth with two of my Australian mates – the only friend-threesome I actually enjoy. They would help me process this Warsaw experience in a new way by their questions and interest.

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  2. Your mum must love having you ring for chats – I know I always love hearing from my girls – even if it’s just to make them feel better or for no particular reason – it’s nice to know they want to call me, I’ll have a think about this one, I missed doing last week’s prompt about friends due to being out and about all over the place. Nice post!

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