Welcome to another week, another prompt. I think we’ll get a variety of responses this week as it’s a more open question. I’m looking forward to reading how you respond.

Just a reminder – each week, I’m sharing a prompt from my Kikki.K 3-year A Sentence A Day Journal and my response. The journal has space for three year’s worth of responses, so that you can compare your thoughts from one year to the next.

This week’s prompt: What’s your favourite topic of conversation.

It would probably not come as any surprise to many of you that I love to talk about photography. It’s something that I spend a lot of my spare time doing, so it naturally becomes something that I gravitate towards talking about. It has been through talking about photography that has led me to learn more about technique, to try different subjects, to brainstorm new ideas.

One of the best things to have come out of my my move to Melbourne has been me joining Instagrammers Melbourne and also two photography-based Facebook groups (thanks to Julz for introducing me to the FB groups). These three groups organize regular meet ups where a group of us get together at a specific place and go on a photo walk.

It’s a fantastic way to see the city, meet new people, and to feel completely comfortable talking about all things photography. I can’t do that with everyone. Actually, I can’t do that with most of my friends so it’s wonderful to have that opportunity. We usually end up at a cafe afterwards and spend an hour or more chatting about the day and about photography and life in general.

On the most recent one of these, we all collaborated on some ideas using props in our shots and we got some very cool photos as a result. You can see them on my Instagram @desleyjane. I will also share some of these photos in some upcoming posts.

It’s a subject that can lead you into many other topics of conversation. One of the girls and I became separated from the group on Saturday and we spent almost two hours chatting away as we wandered towards the final meeting place. We talked about photography at first – how we got into it and the things we like to shoot which led us into where we shoot and therefore where we grew up, family, background, life…

She told me, over coffee and a doughnut, that she loves to travel, travels often, and was in Paris during last year’s attacks. She described the anxiety and worry that she goes through every single day as a result of what she has been through. She is suffering from PTSD and is working her way towards being able to travel again. I get the feeling that her anxiety is lessened when she is behind the lens.

There is a calmness that envelopes me when I’m shooting. I don’t really worry about the shot, I don’t check the images, I just see the subject and shoot it. My fingers shift the dials on their own these days (or so it seems). I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing and so I can truly be”in it”.

See what I mean? It’s my favourite subject. What’s yours?

Here are my fellow contemplater’s favourite topics:


Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist 

x desleyjane

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32 replies on “Contemplation 9 – Conversation

  1. Great prompt again Desley! It’s good to hear you can meet others and get out and about in a new city like that. Good for you! I think I mentioned my favourite topic in last week’s post but, as I like to talk, I’m sure I’ll be able to think of another one 🙂

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  2. Lovely prompt 🙂 photography is a wonderful topic and can take you anywhere, its lovely to see someone so passionate finding equally passionate people to share it with! I would love to join a photography group, sounds like fun!

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  3. For me at the moment probably grandchildren: I can see everyone running a mile “vewy vewy fast” as my grandson would say. Normally, I like talking about anything, as long as my conversational companion is passionate about it – I once enjoyed a long conversation about lawn bowls, but please can I exclude philosophy? I like life stories, and the fact that snippets keep emerging even with the oldest friends. With some people it’s books, movies and art exhibitions. I also like hearing perceptions that challenge what I think, or startle me in some way. This seems to be becoming an extension of the “what do you want in a friend” topic.

    And I would absolutely love a conversation like this post where you give me a rich insight into your enthusiasms, and then the story of the woman who was in Paris. The way I see the world has been enlarged.

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    1. Meg. Thank you. Your comments always make me smile. Forgive me, I’m sure I’ve said that before. I too will say no to philosophy. And politics. And football. Your grandchildren are gorgeous, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about them. You’re right. It does seem like an extension of the friendship prompt 😊


  4. Art, but especially theatre, sculpture and photography. I’m still a long way from feeling comfortable with my camera, but it is coming. I could visit art exhibitions all day every day (especially if I could photograph them too). My list of possible companions on these trips is small, but luckily made up of people I love to be with.

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  5. Being in a small town, I have virtually nobody to talk to about photography. (and I think i could talk about it all day) My blog community is who I get to talk to. 🙂 How wonderful that you’ve gotten involved in those groups! I shoot every day, and I look at it as a need anymore. You’re right in that it is very calming and fulfilling.

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  6. Photography is a very wide ranging and interesting topic and you are lucky to find groups to share your passion with. I’m more a listener than a talker and I tend to talk about whatever the other person is interested in. I find all sorts of interesting details that way. I would love to have a talk about photography with you over a cup of coffee.

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  7. Your IG group sounds like a lot of fun. Not only do I not have an Instagram group to join, but I can’t even get myself a friggin’ Instagram account because I don’t have a device that will allow me to download the app. 😦

    My favourite thing to talk about is gardening. I’m enjoying being part of the new community garden, but I’m finding I know way more than most of the people there, so there’s not a lot of stimulating conversation going there. Maybe new (and more established gardeners) will join after it gets going.

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      1. I was asked to take on a bigger role. I turned it down. I want to be involved, but I don’t want to stretch myself too thin. I’m (hopefully) coming out of a period of exhaustion right now. I gotta look after me first. 🙂

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  8. I think it might either be a culture difference or my generalist profile, that explains why I have a tough time to choose ‘favorites’. I like talking about any subject, even the ones I don’t know much about it, with people who know it, so that I can learn something from them.
    And I love talking about photography with you, as you teach me so much. Xx

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    1. That’s a wonderful way to be. I like talking about a lot of different things too but photography makes me happy and comfortable. Aw you are too kind, but I love talking to you about anything xx


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