Hello everyone. 

Many apologies for the lack of Contemplation over the last three Mondays. It’s been very busy and a wee bit stressful here at the moment and I’ve had to take some time away. I have travelled through the Reader occasionally and if I have taken too long to respond to comments, I’m sorry. 

You will be seeing my Macro Garden Series posts on Thursdays and my Melbourne Streets posts on Sundays – those are scheduled posts that I set up quite some time ago. 

I hope to be back with you next week and I hope everyone is doing well!

x desleyjane

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photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

26 replies on “Contemplation Hiatus

    1. Thank you, so true, life does get in the way. I’m doing well thank you, I’ve had my friends around me and they have been a huge help. I hope you’re well? xox


    1. So sorry Meg, I think I’m back now. Have had some wonderful days with my friends over the last few weeks and have realised that I need to slow down a little on the work front. So I’m back with a new post and very happy to be here with my fellow bloggers x.


  1. I’d noticed your absence DJ and wondered. Take care my Melbourne friend. Give Miss G plenty of cuddles and relax when you can we will look forward to seeing you back when the stress load is under control

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    1. Thank you again PP. Little Miss has been having plenty of cuddles and little walks and she is much better now. Her cast is off and she just has a little limp. Work is settling down (or actually I’ve stepped back a little) and I’ve had some wonderful time with my friends. So I’m back. And so happy to be back!


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