I was so excited to turn the page last night and find that I had come full circle in my A Sentence A Day journal! I started this three year cycle journal on July 17th, 2015 and last night, I found myself looking at my answer from last year.

The prompt: What does your dream home look like?

My answer in 2015: an apartment in the city, with big windows to see the lights, and it’s close to LIFE!

I was amazed that I am now living in that place that I had dreamed of one year ago. I’m now in an apartment, pretty much in the city, at just 4km from the CBD. I’m on the fifth (top) floor and I have a large terrace which looks out over the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My view of the actual CBD is to the south and I can see part of it but not the whole skyline.

Still, I’m pretty happy with that.

My response last night, July 17th, 2016: Wow, my first crossover date! As above, but now I’m in it!! View is not quite right 😉

Can’t really argue with that. Especially since I was living in the Brisbane suburbs last year, where my view was just the houses across the road. For years, I was happy with that, and actually, it’s a very comforting and familiar view. But I was craving the city, and having things to do right outside my door. I used to have to drive at least 40 minutes to get into the city in Brisbane or pay $100 in a cab (each way). Now, I can hop on a tram and be there in 15! Ah, bliss.

Mind you, coming home after work in peak hour, it’s still 45 minutes! But I’m not driving, I’m reading blogs 😊😊 And peak hour to my place in Brisbane was over an hour.

I feel so much more connected to things now that I’m living close to the city. I think that because I love alone, I need that connection. In my previous job, I travelled with other people so I was always with someone during the day. It’s different now and I’m loving being able to get out and about so easily.

Just for interest, I always record the time of the day (night) that I filled in my response, the city that I’m in and the temperature.

2015: Brisbane * 11:30pm * 8 degrees Celsius

2016: Melbourne * 11:45pm * 13 degrees Celsius

Colder in Brisbane this time last year! Eek!

Ok, enough reminiscing from me. Would you like to answer this prompt? What does your dream home look like?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses. And I’m looking forward to reading mine from last year as the year continues!

x desleyjane

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15 replies on “Contemplation – Dream Home

  1. How great that you’ve found your dream place! I might’ve too – sound of the sea at night, birds during the day, a quiet street, easy access to bush lakes and ocean. As for the interior of my dream space, I’d settle for tidy without effort, although I’ve been in some wonderful home-spaces that offer a lot more than that.

    It’s a delight to share your life and your thinking in this new space.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your idea sounds wonderful too. Plenty of access to photographically suitable locations too! Oh and tidy without effort? I like that a lot. 😊😊


  2. You’re lucky to have found a place so close to your ideal! My perfect home is a wide-beam riverboat. All I need to do is find a permanent mooring somewhere around the Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire area and I’ll finally be able to actually buy one. Unfortunately permanent moorings are very hard to find!

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    1. That sounds wonderful! I think our idea of our dream home changes as time marches on. Our priorities change and we learn more about ourselves. Oh I can’t wait to see your riverboat!!!!!

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  3. Congratulations on a year of Sentence a Day and also on fulfilling a dream. Sounds like you are happy and settled in Melbourne. We left Melbourne this morning after a 24 hour stop over at the end of a Great Ocean Road trip. (I will blog it in the coming days). Sorry that I didn’t get in touch or suggest meeting up for a coffee. We were on a tight schedule in between work commitments and wanted to fit in some art galleries and street art in the city as it’s three years since our last visit. Best wishes to you x

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