What do I do when I’m not writing?

Sadly, I am not a writer. When I was at school (maybe around the age of 10?) I desperately wanted to be an author. I was an avid reader of Enid Blyton when I was young and then I was addicted to the Trixie Belden books in my teenage years. My wonderful mum and dad actually drove me to garage sales so that I could get the entire set of 38 and I still have them, packed away in boxes. I adore them. Maybe I’ll read them again…

I was such a bookworm, I easily read a book or two each week and I dreamed about the idea of writing for a living, although I don’t think I ever even thought about money. I just dreamt about writing stories. And of course I wrote stories, so many stories. I wrote a lot.

Eclectic Me
Eclectic Me

And then of course, higher education got in the way, and writing fell away for me. So now, I’m not a writer (when did we stop calling the authors?) but I do write every single day. I predominantly write copy for websites and brochures, I wrote reports and emails, I write plans and of course blog posts.

When I’m not at work, I’m styling products for photos, I’m taking photos, I’m editing photos. And when I stop all of that, I write. I find that I am only writing creatively when I have spare time, but it’s the spare-spare time after the spare time.

TheFeltingDorcas_yellow-2I’d love to make time to write more, and that’s why I started this course. I’ve missed it and I wanted to spend more time doing it. I haven’t written creatively in such a long time. While this course uses some old prompts that’s I’ve done before, I’m finding that I’m approaching them quite differently and I think that’s because I’ve grown through my experiences, as we do, and that allows me to write more maturely (sometimes LOL).

x desleyjane 

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16 replies on “To Write, or Not to Write 

  1. You are very creative and you excel in all your creative efforts: both your writing and your photos! And you are so right, although some of the prompts are the same, you are not, so your take on them is different every time!

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