“Shall we?”, she asked excitedly, looking over at him.

Usually, she preferred to be in control of the car herself, but with him, she loved not driving. It made her feel safe and protected, deliciously female. Her hand rested on his leg, her body turned slightly towards him. 

He looked over at her, smiling, and she could see herself reflected in his sunglasses. With the top down on the car and in the sunshine, she could suddenly see how happy she looked. She hadn’t felt this way in such a long time. 

“Let’s do it”, he said, leaning over to kiss her, his lips hot on hers. As he turned back and pressed his foot on the accelerator, she threw her head back in delight, laughing, and let go of the map, leaving it to settle in the dust behind them. 

… … …

For BloggingU’s Finding Everyday Inspiration – Use a Map as Your Muse. Actually I used the word map, rather than a map. It’s a short, short story, but quite fun I think? 

x desleyjane

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