He’d been watching her all night, and he thought she’d been watching him too. Their eyes met and it was electric. He felt the pull immediately, and couldn’t tear his gaze away. His friends’ laughter faded away and there was only her. She broke eye contact as she turned to answer someone’s question and he leapt to his feet. He had to stop himself from going over to her. She was clearly working, clearing tables, taking orders. And he was drinking with his friends, late on a Friday night.

He started to sit back down when she turned and caught his eye again. She bit her bottom lip and then slowly smiled at him, eyes flashing. She held his gaze a moment longer then turned and went back to the bar, leaving him staring after her and feeling the sudden need to clear his throat. He flopped back down into his seat and drained his glass. He looked around the table but had no idea what the boys were saying and found himself really not caring.

He managed to put together some words about needing some air and got up, taking his jacket and digging into the pocket for his cigarettes.

He deliberately went by the bar, catching her eye again as she poured a drink. She kept her eyes on his as she went through the familiar motions of adding ice and whiskey to a heavy glass. He leaned into the bar, his hair falling in front of his eyes and he watched her. He found himself lost for words as she watched him, seemingly amused.

He cleared his throat now, shaking his hair back. Whiskey he said. No question. Just a statement. She nodded and handed him the drink she’d just poured. He drained it and sat down, eyes on her.

Her shirt was cut low and tight, as were her jeans and as she turned to grab a couple more glasses, he watched her body move, her clothes stretching and riding up, and his mind went blank.

She turned back and caught him watching her and she smiled again, leaning her own body forward to mirror his own. “Did you like that?”, she asked, and he honestly couldn’t tell if she meant the drink or her.

Either way, he thought.

Ah, the musings of the late-night, sleep-deprived, can’t-sleep, busy mind.

This one just flowed out one night, no stopping, just words. I hope you liked it.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

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