Monday: Alcohol

One thing I didn’t expect was the memories that this particular drink evoked. I haven’t had it in years but was reminded of it recently. And maybe that’s why I picked it up at the store tonight.

Drinking in the scent and taste transported me back a few years to a couple of very special celebrations. As the warmth of it spread through my chest and lower, I remembered how good those times were. How easy and how relaxed.

Of course, those times weren’t without their problems. In fact, some of the biggest dramas in my life happened at around that time but I didn’t think of those at all. Instead, I remembered how much I was loved and how much I loved the friends around me. They’re mostly all still in my life, not in quite the same capacity, which is sad, but still with just as much love.

I distinctly remember the moments before one event, when my friend made us a round of these drinks as a toast before the guests arrived. The anticipation of the night ahead and the love of all the people coming together came rushing back to me. I’m in that moment right now as I write this. Such a warm moment, a warm time. And the hours and, in fact, days that followed were really lovely and truly memorable.

Do I wish I was back there? In a way, yes. But also, no. It’s wonderful to remember that time and reflect back on it. I love going back through the photos and remembering both the tiny moments and the huge ones.

But it’s also awesome to be making new memories.

Ok so I recently posted a story called Elusive, about how it feels to not be able to get to sleep. And I said that I was going to try all the cures. Well I did actually try this one.

It didn’t work.

But this was written months ago. I found this little piece on my phone. I had forgotten that I’d written it.

It was actually quite fun finding all the little snippets that I’ve written when I can’t sleep. I’ll publish a few here…

x desleyjane

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