There are things that I should remember but I often don’t!

  • When returning to your car at 10pm after a huge day and being away for days, retrieve your keys from your bag BEFORE you get to your car!
  • Actually, have a designated place for your keys in your bag so that you can find them at 10pm when you’re OVER IT.
  • If you can’t park in roughly the same place as you usually do, take a photo of where you parked – this is a time- and embarrassment-saver!
  • This one is useful – if you book airport parking online in advance, you can save quite a bit of money AND you don’t have to rummage around to find a ticket, because you just use your credit card to exit the carpark.
  • There are a lot of car-related notes here…
  • Make sure you pack more than one pair of work shoes – wearing the same shoes every day is bad for your feet and bad for your shoes.
  • Take your own headphones (and the airplane adapter!!!!!) for the plane. No matter the airline, the headphones onboard are not reliable. At all.
  • Take Blu-Tac so that Lucy (my minion companion) can be positioned appropriately 😉
  • No matter the weather, take some kind of pashmina/scarf thing so that you have something with which to fashion a pillow – also, if it’s a solid colour, it helps block reflections in the airplane window when taking photos of clouds!
  • Pack bandaids in my carryon luggage at all times!

More to come…

x desleyjane

11 replies on “Notes to Self

  1. Hi Desley,

    I think your site is really great. Just browsed fro a bit and I think you have done a great job. Even with the notes to self. Nice touch.


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    1. I have been caught out so many times needing one. Especially good to protect heels from my shoes if my feet happen to swell on the flight. Also, I used to be in the habit of wearing new shoes for the first time when I fly somewhere. Not a good idea! Occasionally I’ll break a nail and need to use a bandaid to hold it on. Lots of reasons really.

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