Located at The Spot in Randwick, this a lovely little cafe with some great modern food. We were walk-ins, but my two companions had been there before. Here’s the menu:


The venue is nice, cosy but with plenty of room. Lovely chandeliers:


The Duck Tarts were absolutely delicious – flaky bottoms, juicy duck and full of flavour.

The mussels were amazing – in a light green curry sauce. We stopped them from taking the leftovers away and begged for some bread to mop up the sauce. Even the bread was great – flatbread, piping hot and yummy.

The seafood linguine, lamb kleftiko and kingfish ceviche were also very good and all portion sizes were generous.

The pork belly was the only slight letdown, as it was very fatty. But hey, that’s pork belly.

The cocktails were the other highlight – all named after Quentin Tarantino films. We had the Kill Bill, the Pulp Fiction and another one (apologies, it was too good to remember the name!). They were all delicious.

One final note – our waiter was lovely and divine 😘

The Cubbyhouse
69 Perouse Road, Randwick NSW
02 9398 7994

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