My Heart.
My Heart.

What a challenge!  I spent the day at work, thinking about what home means to me, and occasionally checking the feed to see what people were up to. Like many of the other participants, I’m no longer living “at home”, as in where I grew up.  My parents have moved away from there as well, and we are a long way from there geographically. I joke to my customers and friends that home is the nearest Qantas lounge for me, since I travel so frequently.  But really, home is definitely where the heart is, as most of us have realised. My puppy, Gidget (missG) is at home more often than me, and she is my heart.  So it’s Gidget who features as my definition of home. It’s not the same when she’s not here, and she is curled up by my side as I type this post.

I recently did a lot of landscaping and renovations to my outdoor living area and we spend a lot of time out there. My favourite part is my new rock garden, which you can kind of make out in the background.

What will tomorrow bring?!

x desleyjane

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15 replies on “Photo101(1): Home is where the Heart is.

      1. Aw!! The heart toy is very appropriate then. Maybe that’s why she likes pink so much 🙂 Maltese are such cute dogs. I could tell there was something else in her from her longer snout. Adorable.


        1. Did you see the little tooth poking out? She was destined to be a show dog apparently, until that tooth started growing out. Lucky for me as I was able to get a gorgeous little sweet-tempered puppy. What is your Shih Tzu’s name?


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