RegularRandom – 5 Minutes with a Leaning Cupcake

So sorry for missing last week! I was travelling and it completely slipped my mind! Dx.   Welcome to this week’s RegularRandom, where we spend just 5 minutes with an object, interacting with it as little as possible, and photographing it from as many angles and perspectives as you can – all within 5 minutes!…

Macro Flowers (you know me!)

I managed to find some intriguing flowers while we were spottingย koalas in Kennet River. I had my new 30mm macro lens on so it seemed like fate! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! x desleyjane

Koalas at Kennet River

Just like last time we went to Lorne, we again went to Kennet River to see if we could spot some koalas in the wild. And we did! This time, my visitor was from the US and he was suitably impressed with these cute little guys. x desleyjane

The Great Ocean Road

I went to a conference in Lorne last week and I decided to drive down earlier on the Sunday and take some photographs on the edge of this beautiful country. It was a day that was waiting for the rain to fall and it eventually fell, but in the meantime I revelled in those cloudy…

Setting Cupcakes on Fire

Note that Julie tells this story very well here. It’s hilarious. Look at this beautiful cupcake. I can’t help it if they call it Bombe Alaska, and make me immediately think of fire! We tried vodka, not our most brilliant idea, but we had heaps of laughs (again check out Julz’ post, she has video!)….

More Pink Gerberas

Julie found these beautiful soft pink gerberas and I couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with them. And then I raided Julie’s props cupboard and found these little candies! Finally, it was my mum’s birthday on the weekend, so I used one of my favourite gerbera images to make this card for her: Wishing…

The Sweet Life – 7

Back to Julie‘s Studio we go and the site of the recent Cupcake Smash (Smoosh). Here are these beautiful cupcakes, strategically placed to hide the squished bits. And a couple of pretty little scenes: Here’s to enjoying the sweet life! x desleyjane

Five Minutes with Succulents and Felt

I have become quite addicted to Etsy, mainly to feed my planner habit (see Instagram @desleyjane_plans). I am always on the lookout for props for my flatlay shots that I do for product photography. I like things like marble, succulents (Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery), gold, pink, and anything fun and colourful. So…

The Sweet Life – 6

This was my absolute favourite macaron – it looks amazing and it was delicious. The flavour was just as vibrant as the colour. I could not help myself and had to take a lot of pictures of this one – it’s cherry coconut and it was divine, just divine, and I’m not that fond of…

Five Minutes with Raspberries

Welcome back to #regularrandom where we spend just 5 minutes with an object or scene, photographing it from different angles, with different light, figuring out which settings and frames of reference will give you the best results. We’re taking a very short break from cakes this week (I’ve posted a lot of cupcake and macaron…

The Sweet Life – 5

Ok, back to macarons, this is the second last one. I’m saving my favourite til last! This is a peanut butter and jelly macaron, with a peanut butter cream filling and a little centre of raspberry jam. OMG so good. And so pretty! I hope you’re savouring the sweet life! x desleyjane

The Sweet Life – 4 (Cupcake Smash Edition)

So Julz and I had great plans to take beautiful photos of pretty little cupcakes. Well, we tried. But we were doomed. It was 38 degrees (Celsius!!) in Melbourne that day, the cupcakes were not packed well by the shop lady and we rushed too quickly to get back to the studio. When we unpacked…