Happiness is the light on the water.
-William Maxwell

One of our photography groups has been very active in giving us weekend projects to help us through the social isolation. This is the first weekend I’ve been able to take part, and it’s a project I’ve tried before a few years ago but for some reason never posted.

The idea is to shoot a colourful backdrop through water droplets on glass. There’s a little bit of prep involved and you have to get the distances right. I haven’t done a good job here, my droplets are too small and I really struggled with the focus. I blame a bad shoulder and my eyesight not being what it used to be.

There are a few shots that I haven’t included here, one in particular I want to share separately. Part of the reason I was keen to jump into this project is that I wanted to create a new piece of art for a specific wall in my apartment. And right at the end of the shoot, I got the shot I wanted. It’s nothing like these, but it’s just what I wanted.

I’ll share it with you soon.

x desleyjane


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16 replies on “The light on the water.

  1. So lovely… it’s easy to find fault when you’re looking at your own work but seen through the eyes of others is different, eh? 🙂 Taste the Rainbow and Water Drops-23 are my favs. After three years or so, I’ve started up blogging again and look forward to reading through what you’ve been up to! A photographer I follow is starting up a Photo Challenge in May with the theme of Home and I’m looking forward to see what her prompts are!

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    1. Hi Hilary! Wow it’s been ages. Thanks so much, we really are our own worst critics aren’t we?! I’ve been away for a while too, only back off and on. Work is super busy and I’ve been doing some other things as well. Oh can you share the challenge with me please?! It might be good to join one 😊


      1. Sure! The photo challenge is at traceyclark.com. It costs $19US. I haven’t done one before with a charge or with her but I thought it might be interesting to try. I can’t remember… I think you had started some sort of new job the last I asked in Melbourne or was it the same company at a new location? Still teaching other scientists?

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  2. Spectacular! What did you use for background? I’m sad that your shoulder is still giving you grief. I spent a few crazy days taking odd things as walking companions: my mother’s eggbeater; a blue and white striped milk jug; a clutch of paintbrushes; a small box a gift came in; and a leopard spot umbrella. No problems of social distancing and it was fun trying to find good spots to put them on the beach or in the bush. Moved on now, but it gave me an excuse for photographing very familiar subjects again. I’m lucky to be able to go out. Stay safe and sane – inventive photography certainly helps!

    I’m awed by yours!

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    1. I’m intrigued by your collection of things you took out and about with you! I’ll come by and have a look. For the background, I used a bowl of M&Ms in the first set and then a felt ball placemat for the second, more pastel set – those are my favourites. I’ll do a “how to” post I think, because I few people have asked.


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