I worked from home for the first time in ages today and of course I planned to sleep in but woke up at 5:30am.

So, after watching YouTube videos about caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monsteras for about an hour and a half, I decided to order some flowers from an online delivery service I’ve been dying to try, and then I dashed out to walk Miss Gidget and pick up some fresh sourdough.

Back in time to collect the flowers from the foyer (fastest delivery ever), make a coffee and take some quick iPhone snaps, all before work started!

I just love having fresh flowers at home and these ones have a really lovely scent (although the bread smells pretty amazing right now!).

I popped them in my favourite vase after snipping off a little from the stems as instructed (45 degree angle, if you please) and voila, a gorgeous display, reminiscent of a pretty lady off to the races, with a fabulous hat.

It was a bit of a strange day, working from my laptop on my kitchen island, on a counter stool. At one point, my right leg fell completely asleep, and I had access to far too many cups of coffee 😋 but it was nice to be in my own space, and I had a number of conference calls and Skype meetings all day to keep the human interaction happening – not that Gidget isn’t fun of course!!!

x desleyjane

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8 replies on “Fresh flowers, fresh bread, fresh coffee.

  1. Beautiful post Delsey! Have missed you in this space although I do get to occasionally see your lovely captures on IG.

    You sure do get a lot done in the morning – I think sleeping in is not as easy one thinks it is; the body knows.

    Enjoy working from home. Keep safe & well.


  2. Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I stopped by your blog (now under a different name and blogging for completely different reasons lol). I forgot how much I love your photos and aesthetic! Those flowers are gorgeous 🙂 Is it so bad to have access to too many cups of coffee? 🤣 Hope you’re staying safe and healthy in all this *gestures at world*!

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    1. Hi! Great to “see” you!! Hope you’re doing well. All good here, as well as can be expected with all this going on. Thanks so much. Will have to come visit your new blog!


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