Fast Stop
Fast Stop

Again today, a challenge.  I left home at 6am for my flight to Melbourne and the challenge was released while on the plane.  Working all day, so tricky to fit in a photo sesh. But I had an idea!

Water is life, and for someone like me who travels often it’s most often a bottle of water on my bedside table in my latest hotel room.

When I was a child, it was water straight from the tap – so I played with the shutter speeds and was able to get a nice shot of water moving.

And most loved, the exquisite essence of life – coffee! I had the barista in my hotel lobby set up the machine to dribble coffee for me – yum!

Lastly, is shot I took recently at the Gold Coast at one of the parks – I like the effect of the plant material on and under the surface.

I’ve said it before – this is fun!!!

x desleyjane

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26 replies on “Photo101(3): Water for Life.

  1. Love the first photo. I only realised the other day that in a gallery view you can see the photo settings. I wonder if there is any way we can get them to appear for a normal photo.


    1. Thank you. I did quite a few “photowalks” with professional photographers. Each took us as a group to a particular site and taught us how to use Aperture and Shutter modes on our cameras before we ventured into Manual mode! 😀


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