Adriano Zumbo, Melbourne, Australia
Adriano Zumbo, Melbourne, Australia

This one was delightfully obvious for me.  I am in Melbourne for work and was unable to check what today’s challenge was until about 4pm (it’s released at about 11am here). When I saw the word “bliss” and with the fact that I’m visiting Melbourne, I immediately thought of Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie in South Yarra and could not wait until I could go there! However, my reasons are more than just the absolute deliciousness of his creations. I have only visited Zumbo in the past with people I adore, so the bliss connection for me is the people and the memories that I associate with the location.  The shop is lined with metallic silver tiles and there is a pink neon Zumbo sign on the wall which is reflected throughout the store on the tiles. The smell of sweet cakes and macarons wafts out and coaxes you inside. For me, it evokes memories of long and animated conversations with some of my favourite people.  Actually, as soon as I left work, I phoned one of those favourite people and asked him if he wanted to join me – he said yes and we spent a fantastic hour checking out the sweets, drinking coffee and yapping about life in general – it was a lovely end to the working day and SO good to catch up. We sampled a macaron each and also got some to take home 🙂

One of the things I love about this challenge is how it has made me realise that I am able to go up to almost anyone and start a conversation without trepidation. I introduced myself to the Zumbo staff, told them my story about why I was there and why I felt Zumbo = bliss and they were warm and welcoming and accommodating.  Once I started taking photos, people around me started talking to me, professing their love of the macarons and telling me which cakes were their favourites.

For me, that is bliss – connecting with people and finding a common thread – just give that thread a little slack and you will be amazed at what you can make of it.  As my Dad says – life is what you make it!

x desleyjane

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7 replies on “Photo101(4): Blissfully Sweet.

  1. Fantastic shadows on your shots….not to dark not to light! Hye story defiantly helped with the why you choice this as your bliss! Spot on! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing more!


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