Fabulous Lights.What a fun week it was last week. Very busy and challenging, but such a refreshing and fun way to “get away” from the usual.

For this weekend, I came up with a project for Christmas. My friend likes to get a photo of herself with her dog (Olly) to use as a Christmas card for friends and family – it has become a tradition for her. Also, we went away for my friend’s birthday a few months ago and decided to have a go at making “sparkler photos” like the one below.

Laura in Lights.

My friend missed out on her “sparkler shot”, so I thought this would be a nice substitute. I think they fit in with the composition theme, but what I realised is that I need some help with my background blur. My vision was for large, blurred lights behind her (see my header image) but we only managed a slight blur.  I still really like the pictures, but I’m looking forward to learning more. We even used the timer to get a couple with me and Gidget as well 🙂

I also spotted this Jacaranda tree, I love these trees but have never photographed them before. I love the colour, especially against the blue of the sky. When I see these trees, I know that Summer is here, regardless of what month it is!

Am really looking forward to this week’s challenges!

x desleyjane

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10 replies on “Photo101Weekend1: Composition

    1. Hello!! Do you mean the one with Laura’s name spelled out? We used those sparklers that you put on birthday cakes. Laura layvery still while another friend stood behind her and wrote her name. I took the photo with a 20s exposure to give him time to write the name. So much fun! We did this for about 10 people.

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      1. I’m trying to reply to your comment below, but there’s no reply button! I did a couple of photowalk classes with a professional photographer and he taught us the basics of aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, etc. Enough to make me dangerous maybe! I’ve been lucky enough to travel and have time to play with my camera. I enjoy the science of how changing one thing changes the way the light works. Such a fun hobby, right?!
        Connect was fun, the photo I took was a quick grab as the waiter was waiting to put the plates down. One of my friends was shy about having her hand in the shot but we got there!


  1. Lovely photos! I was super confused when you mentioned summer but then i remembered your on the other side of the world so of course it’s summer there. Kinda of jealous because I can already feel the cold creeping into my bones…so much so I almost brought myself footy pjs lol


    1. Thanks, me too. We took a bunch of them. There were just four of us out in the freezing cold (zero celsius) running back and forth from the fire to warm up, but once the rest of the party saw the results, they all came running. It was such a fun night!

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