Council House, Perth, Australia
Council House, Perth, Australia

A very long day today as it was a travelling day. Did you know that the flight from Brisbane to Perth takes 5 hours and 45 minutes? Follow that with another 5 hours of work. By the time I was able to pick up my camera, it was raining and the sun had set.

That said, there is a building in Perth that I love. It’s the Perth Council House, built in 1963. Since 2010, the building has been lit up at night in various colours. I’ve only ever seen it as single colours cycling – red, blue, green and yellow. However, for the holiday season, they’ve made it multi-coloured and they also spell out Season’s Greetings in light on the front – they also make a Christmas tree from lights as well.


Some information about the building:

  •  In the 1990’s, local government decided that the Council House did not fit into the “vision” for the city.
  •  Designed by two Melbourne architects.
  •  Walls consist of floor-to-ceiling, double-glazed sealed windows within aluminium frames.
  •  Now regarded as the best example of modernist architecture in Perth.

I hope you enjoy these images. Since I’m travelling, I don’t have my Mac with me, so don’t have my usual editing package.

x desleyjane

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19 replies on “Photo101(12): Architecture in Light.

    1. I can’t imagine it not having the lights, but they are a new addition. It’s a great building. I almost got a parking ticket, I was so mesmerised by the changing colours: “I’ll just shoot from this angle”, “ooo now it’s blue”, “ooo look a christmas tree” LOL so easily amused 😀

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