IMG_2485.JPGI was having a lovely coffee break looking through all the posts from today and came across today’s brief. I wondered what on earth I would use when I looked up and saw the beautiful pattern of clouds all around me.

I am at QEII Hospital today, visiting customers and talking about molecular biology, genetics and serology. The two buildings that I am visiting are side-by-side. One is PP block and it is covered in images of platelets (blood cells that stop you from bleeding). This is my header image – I like how the clouds are swarming in the sky and the platelets are swarming all over the building.

The other is the Harry Perkins Institute which is a new centre for medical research in Perth. The floor-to-ceiling, tinted glass windows reflect the sky in all her glory – the clouds swarming in the sky seem to swarm the building as well.


Usually, I am working all day and head out to take photos in the early evening and post around 11pm – 12 hours from now, so I am super-early today. There is a fabulous coffee shop at the bottom of the Harry Perkins Institute. It’s called “coffee anatomy”. Actually here is my heart-starting breakfast:


So lucky to be in this spot at just the right time. A few minutes later, the clouds had blown together and they sky is now mostly white.

By the way, I am totally on the iPhone6 today. Photos taken with the iPhone (first time in this challenge that I haven’t used my camera – eek!), edited on the iPhone and post written on the iPhone app.

Have a glorious day 14, wherever you may be.
x desleyjane

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18 replies on “Photo101(14): Swarms of Red, White and Blue.

  1. On my way to bed, Desleyjane, but had to stop in and say a quick hello as I’ve not visited as frequently as I’ve wanted to! Love these shots. So full of brilliant color and that platelet building is just amazing! And you gotta love the iPhone 6 πŸ™‚ glad you had a good day!

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  2. I am really enjoying photoblog. Your style of photography coupled with storytelling made me want dig deeper into your repository of posts. I’m a follower now!

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