Life on Lifou. 17mm f/1.8 1/50s ISO200
Life on Lifou.
17mm f/1.8 1/50s ISO200

I had to choose between photography and a hot stone massage this evening and, well… I chose the massage. It was amazing, really worth it.

Anyway, I have some shots here, taken in an abandoned unfinished house in Lifou in the South Pacific. This was particularly challenging for today’s brief, because the building isn’t exactly standing up straight to start with. Anyway, I’ve used the levelling tool in Lightroom and done the best I can.

I really love my header image – green life growing out of an old doorframe. I spent ages in this building. There was graffiti on the walls, rubbish everywhere, broken windows, holes in the ceiling, and a stairway to nowhere, but the eerie quality really got to me.

I can’t believe there are only two more days to go in photo101 November. I hope there’s something else just around the corner – does anyone know?!

x desleyjane

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22 replies on “Photo101(18): Edge of Lifou.

  1. Creeeeppy good. Lol. Particularly liked the last one with the branch falling through. Not a fan of going through worn down structures!
    Totally agree with you on when this ends… What are we gonna dooooo!?!? >.<


    1. LOL thanks, I feel better. It was amazing!
      Yes it was really quite eerie but also a nice solitude. There were no other people around for quite a while and there I was, surrounded by the remains of my ancestors. I will have to go back and meet some of the locals next time.

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    2. Ok so I just realised that you’re on Lifou not on my UK post! Sorry! It was eerie too!!
      Yes Lifou. Such a strange old house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by gorgeous ocean views and coral bays and dark forests. Quite creepy.

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