Double on the Double. 17mm f/80 1/30s ISO400
Double on the Double.
17mm f/80 1/30s ISO400

I could not wait to finish work today so I could get into this shoot. Wandering around the house, I found a lot of doubles. My computer sits on the second shelf of an open bookcase in my living room. On the top shelf are these two cocktail shakers. I don’t think I’ve ever used them because I can’t get the lids off – lol. The drink is non-alcoholic, it’s a greek yoghurt, banana and strawberry smoothie. Yum!

The blue &Β yellow egg cups and the red & white hugging salt & pepper shakers were gifts from family. The bananas are getting to the end of their edible life, although there is only one and a half left now that I’ve made my smoothie πŸ™‚

The two white chairs are my favourite places to sit in the morning – very comfortable chairs, with cushions made by my best friend. She also gave me the pink bunny and I went and got the yellow baby one to match.

I hope everyone is having a lovely second-last day.

x desleyjane

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    1. LOL thanks so much. I did go a bit crazy here but it was fun. There was a massive storm brewing, you can see the dark sky above the bunnies. It was pouring rain and macadamia-sizes hail. A cracker of a storm.

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