Solo Headstone. 17mm f/22 1/50s ISO800
Solo Headstone.
17mm f/22 1/50s ISO800

When I saw that today’s brief was “Trumph”, I really didn’t know what to do, until I read the description. I realised that we should pick a moment of triumph in our life – something that made us feel triumphant.

I went to the UK for two weeks for work recently and I had a weekend to myself in between the two work weeks. I have never been to Europe before (apart from a 3-day trip to Salzburg about 12Β years ago). I had considered taking the EuroStar and visiting Paris or Amsterdam or something fancy, but instead I decided to find my heritage. My Dad’s middle name is Weston and he is named after the village where his father was born. What I discovered when I was there, was that there are more than 20 Westons in the UK! So, after a number of FaceTime calls home, we figured out that it was Weston Longville, so I programmed the GPS and made my way there. The village is very small, accessible via narrow winding roads through fields and forests. Picturesque, pretty and partially obscured πŸ˜‰

I had lunch at the local pub and wandered around the cemetery, which was beautiful. The headstones are so old that the inscriptions are unreadable. I wonder: Who is buried there? What did their days entail? Who did they leave behind? I couldn’t find my ancestors gravestones but I am told that they are definitely there and that my grandfather lived in the white house across the way from the church!

I am feeling melancholy that this is our last 101 day, but I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

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39 replies on “Photo101(20): Triumph Finding my Heritage.

  1. What a perfect way to end this course! I recently took my Mom back to her home. It was such an honor to share her memories as we visited her schools and old haunts. The connections matter!! Great photos that really do evoke the feelings that go with what you wrote. Thanks for sharing.


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