Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

One of my closest friends has been going through some very hard times in her personal life. She is being so brave and proactive about getting on with her new life and she invited us to join her for a day at the races. I’m not really a fan of going to the races but I wanted to support her and spend the day with good friends so I went along. Plus, she promised me some good photo opportunities since we had tickets to the Members’ Stand :). So today, we went along to Doomben Racetrack and we had a great day. The happy, smiling girl in the gallery is my friend and to be able to capture this shot of her fills me with happiness. x

The horses were beautiful but I have to confess that I had more fun photographing the people. We had a table of very “happy” boys at the table next to us and they cheerfully provided the waving photo, which is one of my favourites. I know some of these images aren’t very sharp, I need a little more practice with movement!

The colours of race day are certainly bright and cheerful but I wanted to treat these images to a monochrome effect. I feel like it gives the day an old-world charm, a touch of nostalgia.

I’m very glad to have been part of Photo101 November 2014 – what an amazing experience. I’m new to blogging and I’m grateful this experience popped up so soon after I started. I’ve met amazing and talented people and I will keep in touch with many of them, hopefully we will all interact with each other again very soon.

x desleyjane

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15 replies on “Photo101Weekend4: Explore the Races.

  1. All wonderful, framed very nicely! My favorites are the first one and the one with the three fellows leaning on the fence. I LOVE the black and white, but am curious to see them in color. Thanks for posting these!

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  2. These are so beautiful that I cannot choose just one. I love the boys and the priceless smile of your friend. My best wishes to her.
    The monochrome conveys the charm and elegance of the race. But am looking forward to seeing the colorful version. Cheers!

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