201411_Races-16Yesterday’s post with photos from our day at the races was mainly presented in black and white. It was suggested by @terryb that I show the colour versions as well and I thought it was a good idea. I was interested to see the comparison side-by-side. The races are such a colourful event, so it’s nice to see those colours. But I do like the nostalgia of black and white for these shots as well. I feel like there are less distractions in the black and white shots maybe?

What do you think works best?

x desleyjane

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41 replies on “Photo101Weekend4: Colour vs Monochrome.

  1. I like most of them better in black and white, especially the last one. For some reason, I like the 2 with the horses better in color. I can’t really say why. They feel more ‘artsy’ maybe. They’re all good. 🙂

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  2. I am torn I like the colors of the blue sky, the jockey’s, the greens. Then I see “Place your bets” I like the black and white. Pretty much, I don’t think you can lose either way. They all great shots.

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  3. Definitely b&w. I think the best ones are the man and his tie and the oldtimers. Both don’t have too much going on and lots of contrast. I wonder what the horsey ones would be like from a lower angle?? The first one likely means the most to people who know the crew. 🙂 I would prefer side profiles because then it wouldn’t matter that I don’t know them. Did you bet and win? 😀

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  4. I think the shots of the men are better in b&w. the horses though, i like in color better. they’re all good. what a great idea to take your camera to the track

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  5. B&W for me too! Although I love the last pict in colors. I guess the BW gives a feeling of stillness, helps focusing on the details and the atmosphere. Your post is really inspiring, will definitely try the comparisons of colors soon..


  6. Just recently I have been comparing most of my photos as well. I have to say that b&w just adds a flare to some captures. It just makes you imagine more…

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  7. you know i love black and white but it hink with animals the general rule of thumb for me personally is that i like to see them in colour, except for my dog who is black and white anyway. lol….great pics and very jealous of you at the races, mind you i get so nervous they will hurt themselves and come back with a lot more grey hairs than when i went x


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