2014QT-40.jpgToday, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite photos. I get a “feeling” from it, and isn’t that what this art of photography is all about 😉. To me, this one has an air of romance about it, a dreamy quality that I really respond to. We’ve discussed colour versus black&white images lately and I think for me, black&white is special.
This image is yet another Queenstown (New Zealand) image. We had been up to Remarkables ski slopes for the day and we stopped off on our drive back down the mountain to take photos. These two friends of mine in the photo have known each other since they were about 10 years old and their friendship is solid, but also fun and playful. I love it when they get together – it’s always crazy but always fun!

I am missing my #photo101 prompting!!
x desleyjane

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15 replies on “One of my QT Favourites.

  1. La luz del fondo enmarca a sus amigos perfectamente. Se aprecia “su conversación” y yo también me pregunto qué estarían hablando.
    Aunque quizás la foto habla…


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