Can you guess?
Can you guess?

Justine over at Eclectic Odds and Sods has started a new challenge for those of us missing the photo101 event and first up is a guessing game called wrinkle. Here is her idea:

The challenge is to photograph something that depicts the subject matter of ‘wrinkles’.

The aim of the photograph is that firstly the person guessing does have a chance of getting it right but not too easily.

Try to see if you can take a photograph that will need the least editing possible. The idea being to use angles, light, shadow & to perhaps find something even mundane that one can make look extraordinary or complex.

The end result being that when the guessing is finally over those trying to work out will slap their thigh and say “I can’t believe it was something so simple, I just couldn’t see it, but now it’s obvious”. 🙂

So this is my submission above, please let me know what you think it is. I hope you will also join in and post a “wrinkle” of your own.

x desleyjane

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80 replies on “GuessingGame1 – Wrinkle

  1. Oooh lala now hello there and thank you for joining in. 🙂

    I am reading this from my phone and have been trying to enlarge it lol to try and make out what it is. It seems to be double layered its stumped me.

    It looks like wood? But I’m not sure as it has something that looks like sheets of rain but it doesn’t look quite right so making me unsure.

    Very cleverl

    Am I warm?


  2. Haha I had to laugh reading all these comments, very funny, esp re the Xmas tree and is it a hint lol. So its possibly burnt wood, not wet and no bugs, how could wood of been burnt and then look like this? Oh you really are very clever, like Andys you have totally stumped me on this one..haha stump!!! I am sure it is wood but what I cannot guess…hrm..this will keep me awake x

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      1. This is a fun challenge DJ. When are you going to put us all out of our misery and reveal the answer? I’m dying to know. I can imagine a crowd of slapped foreheads and a sigh of “how could I not see that” going through cyber space…;)

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