This gets me going!
This gets me going!

I’m joining the Just Thursday Blog Hop, which you can find here. For me, it’s definitely coffee! Whether at home or in a hotel (which is pretty often) I definitely need a coffee to get me going. I usually have one coffee straight up with my puppy, Gidget and she has her coffee, which is chicken jerkey – we’ve all taken to calling it coffee and she knows that it’s her breakfast jerky. She’s such a cutie!

Cuddles with GG gets me going too!
Cuddles with GG gets me going too!

How about you? What gets you going in the morning. Post your answer here or write your own post and place the link on the Just Thursday page here. x desleyjane

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11 replies on “Just Thursday: What Gets You Going in the AM?

  1. Oh this is the best response ever! Not only a wonderful coffee cup but also a cute puppy, the perfect combination. Hope your coffee was as great as it looks, enjoy your day and thanks for joining in the blog hop fun!

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