I’ve left my camera at my parents’ house so I thought today that I would pull out an image from back when I wasn’t so experienced with my camera. I was working in aperture mode because I had a good handle on how that worked. You can tell I was inexperienced from the settings that I used. I shot in jpeg instead of in raw, I have the ISO set to 500 and consequently use very fast shutter speeds. However, it was an extremely bright day on a cruise ship so fast speeds were required.

For the single bottle shot, I wanted to have the bottle and water drops sharp while blurring out the background, which is why I’ve chosen an aperture of f/2.0 for that shot and I’m happy with the result.

Both shots were taken in colour so I thought I would do a comparison again of colour versus monochrome.

In Lightroom, I did very little with these shots – I’m generally addicted to increasing contrast and clarity and then I made minor adjustments to highlights and shadows. In the black and white shots, I’ve also increased the blacks and whites.

If it wasn’t 9am, I’d fancy a beverage right now 😉

To join in photo101 rehab, head over to bridging lacunas to learn more.

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19 replies on “Beer O’clock (Rehab3)

  1. I’m the same, I prefer the first in colour and the second in black and white. It’s very interesting and great learning for me to compare them like this. The simpler subject seems as if it can handle the colour. But the more complex material subject (is that even how it’s described in photography terms?)of the second shot responds really well to B&W.

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  2. I really like the photos and to learn from your technique. You’re def not an amateur. I feel like Justine; I will go back to the classroom.
    I need also to finish reading the camera’s manual!!


    1. Oh thank you lovely, that means a lot! Your photos are fabulous. I’m so glad you opened the clinic so we can al learn from each other! At least we are both in the OMD club and can help each other 😉


  3. I agree with Lucile, clearly these are not the work of an amateur, I love the mono shots and the swarm in particular. I followed your blog again today, I tried to do so before but the system kept unfollowing so hope it will stay put this time…

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  4. Hehehe i think a lot of us have made those mistakes! I’m definitely one of them!
    I liked the first in mono and second in colour 😀 totally reminds me of a coke commercial. Ahhh i could use one right now!!

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  5. I love the first one in colour I think you have got the crisp fresh feel of the cold drink with the way you have isolated the bottle against the blurred background and blue sky. The second one I’m not sure about. I’m looking forward to those sort of moments on the cruise in April….

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