Clouds Abound.
Clouds Abound.

It was another big day today. A very late night last night (I forgot I was on daylight savings time) and an early start today. I sacrificed breakfast for sleep and just stopped off for a coffee on the way to the office. We had meetings all day at work, plus a meeting after work then dinner with workmates. There wasn’t any camera-time today 😦

However, it was an extremely successful day, with some great discussions – my workmates are fun people – and we came to some good resolutions.

As some of you know, I do fly quite a lot, usually I am away every second week. This week is the second week of two-in-a-row and I have two separate trips next week as well). I have been experimenting with photos through my plane’s window so I thought I would share some of those with you today (tonight).

All photos were taken on my iPhone6 and edited within the Photos app (generally just cropping – remember, I’m a bit of a fan of square 😉). I’m also use the Clarity filter in the Camera+ app sometimes – it tends to add a grainy look that can sometimes be effective, but not always.

I know a lot of you use iPhones – what are your favourite editing apps and do you have a “workflow” for editing?

If you also take photos on airplanes, do you do anything special with your phone to avoid reflections in the glass?

Remember to visit the lovely Lucile at bridging lacunas for more Rehab Clinic photos and to join in the fun and healing.

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36 replies on “View from Above (Rehab6)

  1. You’re kidding me that those are from the iphone6? I was sure it was the Olympus. They are excellent. Beautiful. The colors are fantastic, and the composition is just as I like it. And I too love to capture the clouds as they make dramatic photos.
    When I photograph from an airplane, I put the iPhone on the window instead of holding it and it seems to help diminish the reflection.
    I edit with picmonkey, pixrl, iPhoto editor, iPhone editor and Olympus app.

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    1. Thanks! I hear a lot of people are using picmonkey, I’ve never tried it. I do the same with my phone against the window if I can – some angles can be tricky though. I do my editing on the flight within the apps. I havent tried the Olympus app either, will have to check it out.
      Yes, I am in love with my iPhone 6. It’s a dream to use and the camera seems very good. I fear it’s an unhealthy addiction, but I am powerless.


      1. I learned about it during blogging101; as suggested by Michelle Weber. There are different possibilities from all apps, so depending on what I want to do, I use one or another. The Olympus app is limited, as it has only filters but they are cool and you can watermark your photos too.
        I’m still using iPhone 5. My subscription ends next year in May. So I have to wait. I heard at the apple shop that the camera is superb. It’s the same as the 5s though. I’m an apple user since years and it’s not even an addiction anymore, but a serious and stable relationship. 😉 how about you start seeing yours with your iPhone from that angle?

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        1. Ooo I like it!
          I have to confess to having two iPhones – a 5s for work and I replaced my personal phone (4s) with the 6 after 3 years with the 4s. So I yoo have a love affair with apple (I won’t mention the other devices). I think 6 is the best so far 😍


                    1. I went from 4s to 6, which was quite a jump. But I still have the 5s for work. It’s tricky writing emails on the 5s now because my fingers expect the keys to be further apart (as on the 6)!!


    1. LOL thanks. It was such an overcast day coming in to Sydney that the sky was pretty boring so I applied the clarity filter hoping the grain would make it a little more interesting. I hope for some sun next time.

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    1. I agree. That’s where I started using it but more and more I find mysef composing for square – not all the time but sometimes it seems to fit. I just bought a collection of square frames that I will use to fill my hallway with squares 😄

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  2. I for one thought these pictures were shot with your Olympus camera. I knew the iPhone’s cameras were good but never this great; but of course it also depends on the person behind the smartphone.

    I use Pixlr to post-process my snapshots, but would like to get me feet wet with Light Room as you already know.

    I haven’t flown for a while. My wife and I are planning to visit Cartagena, Colombia (South America) sometime next year. Then I’ll too contemplate the cotton clouds floating aimlessly in the sky.

    Thank you for sharing Nature’s beauty.



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    1. I would love to see some Columbian clouds, although I love that shots of clouds taken from above are almost universal – you can never tell where you are until you start to see glimpses of the world below!


  3. Great photos. Love the cloud formations. I haven’t got into the rehab clinic yet but it’s been interesting seeing everyone’s posts. I still miss the action and hecticness of it all!! I just don’t think I’m technical enough in my photography if you know what I mean. But it’s interesting to see some people only use their iphones for their pics, (as I do).

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    1. Thank you Debbie. We don’t worry about technicalities here 😀 We just love to share our photos and any hints we’ve picked up on editing or the way we’ve taken the photo. And everyone is great offering their comments and views. You’re right, it can be very hectic, I was missing that for the very few days between 101 and rehab – lol!

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  4. Wonderful pictures! I always have a scarf with me that I can use as wrap or pillow at the same time on the plane. It is also helpful while trying to capture clouds or sunrises. I usually hold it behind my phone to avoid reflections in the window.

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    1. Thanks PP. It is a lovely sight to fly into. Hopefully not so overcast next time. The only thing better is the sight flying into Brisbane, but that’s because it means I’m coming home…


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