Can you guess?
Can you guess?

Justine’s Guessing Game on Eclectic Corner really got people thinking and commenting. I had 78 comments on the original post for this little puzzler! You figured out pretty quickly that it was wood – I loved that it has “burnt bubbly bits”. Here are some of my favourite comments (Anujakokrady’s is my favourite):

Ummmmmmm, jeans close up. Nice by the way


Damn… It feels like a boat ramp. Though it would be same guess as above. Boat ramp with water travelling backwards

Is it wet wood and is there a little bug there?

Well now DJ you have put up a real challenge, very tricky, very wrinkly too, but I think it may be some sort of rope or twine, maybe the tinselly sort of twine for tying up presents????

Evil 😦 how bout charcoal? Lol! I feel bad building on other guesses hahaha

Glass top table supported by this wood. A very rustic picture frame.

This last guess is the closest.

It’s simply a wooden hall table in the house we stayed in (no glass). I am so sorry that I don’t have the full image. But I can tell you that this photo was taken directly from above (lens parallel to the table top), of the top surface of the table, macro, close up. I found it intriguing, but didn’t realise that I would eventually use it in a guessing game 😉

So many of you figured it was wood and then burnt wood. I loved that people said they were “stumped”…. because it’s wood … boom boom! LOL.

Here’s another shot, this time in colour.

The Wrinkle Answer is...
The Wrinkle Answer is… 60mm f/22 0.8s ISO2500

Ok Justine, what’s next?

x desleyjane

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