17mm f/22 1/200s ISO800
17mm f/22 1/200s ISO800

For today’s rehab clinic, I was able to go back to Maroubra Beach in the morning, and it was a much sunnier day so I was able to get some nice colour in the shots. My plan was to try to capture some of the waves breaking on the rocks.

I’ve taken all of these photos with my 17mm lens (35mm equivalent) and edited them in Lightroom by increasing exposure slightly and also adjusting the white balance because the photos turned out a little too blue originally. My usual increases in contrast and clarity followed, as well as a boost to the colour saturation.

Don’t forget to check out all of the rehab posts on Lucile’s blog.

x desleyjane

One more for Hilary:


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23 replies on “The Beach (Rehab9)

    1. Thanks so much!
      WB changes the tone of tour colours according to the type of light – bright sun, overcast, indoors, fluorescent, etc. If you set it to auto, it’s pretty good in most situations. If you can, take the same photo with multiple WB settings just to see what the results are.
      To tone down the white waves, I actually just lowered the highlights and the whites in Lightroom. X

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      1. Thanks! Hmmm… I think this is another of those camera cases where I have to get out and practice, practice, practice. He he he! 😀 I’ve had quite a few pics where the white is too strong, from backgrounds to buildings, water and snow. At least knowing it’s possible to fix them is a start and then… *sigh* more practice, practice, practice to reduce the need to fix in the first place, right? 😀


  1. Gorgeous pictures – I really want to be there! 🙂 Just looking at them makes me feel warm on a chilly winter evening.

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out how to get the award by going to mine at http://thestorytellersabode.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/liebster-award/. There are questions to answer and other blogs to nominate. Click on the award logo on my page and copy the URL, then you can put it in your award response and as an image in a widget. 😀


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