I am, as usual, in the Qantas lounge and about to take my 5th flight in 7 days (6th flight in 11 days). It’s been a very busy and tiring lead up til Christmas and I am thankful that the week is over.

For today’s post, I give you the Lovey Lou. Not a “usual” portrait, because she isn’t looking into the lens, but she is engaged in conversation and I think that is interesting. I would like to invite anujakokrady to join us in this challenge – post a black&white photo each day for 5 days and nominate a new person to join each day.

For our much-needed photo101 rehab clinic, I don’t have the camera details with me, so I will update tomorrow. However, it is my lovey Olympus OMD EM5 with the 60mm macro lens.

Just as an aside, I do get well looked after by the fabulous Qantas staff. Here is my cheeky Christmas cocktail they presented me with tonight.


x desleyjane

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18 replies on “Lovely Lou (B&W4, Rehab13)

  1. Oooh the cocktail looks fabulous woohoo. Love the portrait it shows action and character plus she has a lovely open face. I just got nominated for this b&w challenge I knew one had to post black and white for five days (presumably one can post colour inbetween?) but didn’t realiZe one had to nominate each day that’s going to be hard leading close to Xmas. I thought it was one nomination…shows that I should pay better attention lol. Poor you flung so much it takes its toll xx

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      1. well i dont blame you i was exhausted thinking about it hehe. I did my first B&W post today yay, but think i might have to use some old ones at times with the kids at home, xmas etc etc unless i just inside the house lol which might get a bit boring x

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  2. I’m glad you’re treated so well and having a drink to relax. What a week! You’re flying more than the time allowed for the crew and pilots!

    I love the photo. I’m a fan of portraits and even more so of those as you just did. Not the usual; so more special. And this is beautiful.

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  3. What a lovely photo! I love the fact that she’s not looking in the camera because it makes us wonder what she is looking at… Gives the photo some intrigue😃 plus the B&W effect is a soft way to capture her expression and face… I love B&W !
    Great photo and look forward to seeing more:)
    Plus the cocktail and nuts look like a scrumptious way to thank you for flying! Well-deserved!

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  4. Very nice woman. Looks very much like Princess Diana. Love the shot. Portraitures is a great photography genre. People are able to proyect so much character through their faces and specially, through their eyes. Through them you can peek right into their souls.

    Great shot. Congrats!


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