Decisions, Decisions.
Decisions, Decisions.

I was in a bar last week with a dear friend. We were waiting for his colleague’s flight to arrive, but he was delayed and decided not to join us. We had the best time! It’s a tiny little gin bar with a lovely bartender who went out of his way to find us cocktails to suit our very great needs πŸ˜„

Anyway, while the bartender was advising my friend which whiskey to buy his mum for Christmas, I thought of how Andy spends his time in bars taking beautiful pictures, rather than drinking too many drinks. I have to confess, I did both!! Β For Lucile’s Photo101Rehab, all photos were taken on my iPhone 6 and edited with Camera+.

A big shout out to the Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane – yummy tapas, fabulous huge cocktail selection, and great service.

x desleyjane

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27 replies on “Inspired by Andy (Rehab18)

    1. Drunken Botanist?! I must know more!
      Yes, the pink one had a nashi pear sliced thinly and fanned out on a stick. The G&T had a sprig of rosemary that he rubbed around the lip of the glass and then burnt the end with a lighter before popping it in the drink. The last one is lime peel, curled.


  1. It’s Christmas Day, so the perfect excuse to start drinking right from the morning… Excellent photos, and I command your decision to shoot AND to drink. Andy was doing it wrong to choose only one of these activities. πŸ˜›

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