We had a quiet NYE tonight, just family. And I made it home with 45 minutes to spare. We spent the day painting two feature walls at my home and we’re all quite exhausted. We have some more painting to do tomorrow. These are the things I like to do when I’m on holidays. People expect me to use my frequent flyer points to go somewhere on my vacation time, but I spend so much time away during the year, that it’s nice to stay home and just BE.

I wanted to round out the year with a couple more photos for Lucile’sΒ Rehab Clinic. I started out this blog with a plan to share my travel antics, being someone who travels-for-work, but it has become a blog focussed more on my photography. So for Justine’s Eclectic Corner #3 – Resolutions, I’m going to make them blogging-related. I want to try out a new theme, I will join blogging 101 when it starts next week, and I want to focus on enhancing my photography skills, try some new techniques. I’m in love with this little hobby of mine and I’m so happy to have found so many other people who are just as keen.

These photos are some that I haven’t shown before and some are just for fun. These first two are from my two favourite trips of the year, Queenstown in New Zealand and Cambridge in the UK. Β The details for each shot are shown in the captions. I’ll be going back to both places in 2015. The Queenstown photo I love because I’mΒ taking a photo from the OTHER side of the clouds for once. What a beautiful spot, high up, with cool, clear air – the first time I really saw snow and played about in it. Gorgeous. The second one is a field in Cambridge – I don’t really know if this is a good photo, I just really like it – I like the sunflare, I like the colour, I like the warmth – it was a lovely evening, the weather was amazing and I really felt like I was in my element. I had a ball on this trip.

These last two photos show you my favourite people – the photos were taken at my birthday party this year, we had a fantastic night of cocktails, singing and dancing, although I’m not sure if my neighbourhood appreciated the “singing” LOL. Anyway, I love these three, I would be lost without them.

See you next year! a very Happy New Year to you all xox.

x desleyjane

PS – A massive shoutout to Lucile for organising the Rehab Clinic, it’s been a blast seeing the wonderfully creative and talented shots that people have submitted. If you haven’t already, please visit and check it out.

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36 replies on “2014 Rehab and Resolutions !!

  1. Ooh, the photo of you being kissed by the two handsome guys πŸ˜‰ This is a lovely post, I like learning about what you do when you don’t fly – I’m surprised that you paint walls! You absolutely should go on with your focus on photography, you are clearly a talented and skilled photographer. Happy new year!

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  2. ooh I love this and thank you so much for joining Eclectic Corner #3 hehe. Again so odd you have had your New Year now, I am mid afternoon at the moment and Spring cleaning lol, woohoo exciting stuff, actually it is for moi lol, finding all sorts of things. Now back to you, I love those photos, especially the sunflare really beautiful. I am glad you are joining 101, that is what I did Jan this year when i started and met the lovely mara there. You will lmeet loads of other buddies there and have lots of fun. So glad to have met you lovely lady and Happy New Year to you. PS give me a shout out when you come to the UK would be lovely to meet you…ps you can bring those two men also hehe xxx

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    1. LOL, I would take them everywhere, if I could 😍.
      I will, I will let you know. It will be in April.
      It must be almost time for Happy New Year for you now!!
      I’m off to paint more walls x.

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            1. I have a feature wall behind my tv, so I’ve taken that colour and wrapped it around to the attached hallway wall because I want to fill my hallway with photos and I thought they’d look good on a pink wall. Then we painted another two big walls to refresh them because I changed some furniture a while ago and the old furniture had pulled some paint off. Also changing pictures around so I had to fill the holes left by the old picture hooks. I’m getting exhausted just typing this!! And the door, well the varnish was peeling and the door needed protecting, so I decided to paint it rather than re-varnish. Fuschia pink seemed just right ☺️.

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              1. oh wow you have done tonnes. Now a feature wall, is that a busy wall then? Do you not find this distracting when watching tv or is it one colour? now you need to take photos of not just your front door lol, i want to see it all hehe xx

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  3. Time is such a mysterious dimension. You are now over midnight there and yet in Panama we are still cooking our New Year’s dinner. At this moment it’s 10:41 a.m. December 31, 2014. I’m still in the old year and you are there already starting a brand new year.

    Anyway, great pictures as always. Wish I could be so small so as to fit in one of your suitcases to travel to all those wonderful places you visit throughout the year.

    Happy New Year 2015 and let the champagne flow!


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  4. I decided today that I’m going to join blogging 101, so I guess I’ll be seeing you there! I’m probably going to start another blog for that.. Well, not exactly “start”β€”I have another blog that I made before my photo blog, but I never did post anything on it. It makes more sense for me to use that one for blogging 101.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. Hey CG, I just found this comment from you from January 1st, 2015!!! Wow, I don’t know where it went but thanks for commenting. I wish I was having cocktails and singing and dancing right now πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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