Strange PineappleTitle – quote byΒ Robert E. Miller

Today’s Blogging101 assignment is to review our blog’s name and Tagline.

When I first created my blog, I spent a lot of time mulling (musing) over the title. Like others have mentioned, I didn’t realise that my blog’s name and it’s URL didn’t have to be the same πŸ˜‹

After reading today’s brief, I did think about changing the title, or perhaps using the title as my Tagline, but I actually really like the title, it suits who I am – I really am a frequent flying scientist!

I didn’t have a Tagline, I couldn’t come up with one when I started. But maybe now is the right time to consider it. I’ve been writing my blog for over 10 weeks now and it has begun to evolve into something I really like and I am sincerely loving this whole process.

So, my new Tagline…
…a girl with a camera and a craving for new adventures…

I hope it works!
x desleyjane

PS this photo of me was taken at the Queensland Science Museum, such a fun exhibit!

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42 replies on “The Devil’s Name is Dullness

  1. I thought that image was photoshopped, what an interesting exhibition! I think that’s a great tag line, and I agree with keeping your blog name and the title the same, I think it’d be confusing to add too many variations into the mix. πŸ™‚

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  2. I like your blog and this post. The level of your creativity shows in that you didn’t just name your post, “Blogging 101 . . .” Using a quote as your post title is an excellent idea. And the graphic — what can I say? Smh. Think I’ll hang around a bit.


            1. Oh lucky you! I worked today and will work tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) but I took Monday and then this Thursday and Friday off as well. I have been painting walls and printing photographs and I want to finish off my works!
              I understand your exhaustion, ugh so yucky. I hope your jet lag is not too bad. Coming back from the UK, I was useless for about 3 days!


              1. That sounds like fun. I’m kind or reorganizing stuff in the house and cooking a bit to relax – I love it – and open my creativity.
                We had two stopovers and all with delays…the jetlag has been major this time. I’m upside down with my internal clock.


                1. Oh no, lucky you have a blog to keep you company!
                  My friends are travelling from Canada to Colorado and have been delayed almost 10 hours in separate delays – not fun!
                  Well, I hope the jet lag settles quickly! It’s almost 1am here, I’d better go to bed. I’ve been too caught up in all the blogging101 posts πŸ˜‰
                  Night x


            1. I will always be in! I was thinking today that I have missed it. I saw that you and Lia are starting something? Any hints? With blogging101, I will probably post two-in-one with the clinic as well πŸ˜‰


              1. Of course you are. Otherwise I couldn’t do it.
                I’m not starting anything together with Lia; we just make jokes that the mayor of New York should hire her as a photographer and I assist her.
                I will start a new blog with Jhack from ‘When my brain farts’ though. It’s going to be about stepmother and daughter relationship. It’s her idea and I’m joining. It all started during blogging 201 when we had to create an event with a buddy. That’s the one. You will hear about it, of course. She’s leading it and is now busy with the layout etc. I have written my intro post and will write often with her.
                It all started when we exchanged ideas and shared experiences. I’m a stepmother and she’s a stepdaughter.


                1. How cool! Yes, that’s where I read it actually. I got mixed up. That sounds very cool, a joint project! Looking forward to seeing it in action.
                  Well yes, the Mayor should totally do that! LOL.


      1. I’m skipping this assignment for now. I think day two of my new blog is a little early to choose a tag line. Especially, since I want to let the thing evolve on its own. Creating a tag line before I discover where I’m going with it may not be a good idea.

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  3. Wow, what a view!! I had to look again, but it definitely stopped me in my tracks. Great tag line too. I finally came up with one, see if you think it’s ok. I see you’re from Australia? Whereabouts? My ma in law lived there for a while and we visited her and saw three different states. Great country! G’day!

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